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RJC is a wholesale/commission agency. It was founded in 1957 by owner and Chairman Rolf Johansen and remained as a privately owned company until January 1994 when its structure changed to a limited corporation. During close to a half-a-century long history, it has dealt in a wide range of products ranging from tires to cosmetics, foods, wines, beer and spirits and tobaccos. In March 1999, the company's cosmetics division was sold to a leading pharmaceutical company. This included L'Oreal cosmetic products and many others. In August 1999, the food division was also sold off to another strong company. Since September 1st, this year, Rolf Johansen & Company focuses entirely on tobacco and alcohol products. The company is divided into two main divisions, Sales/Marketing and Support Division.  


A staff of seven people makes up this division, a Sales Director, two Sales/Key Account Managers, and four sales representatives. Its main focus is on the Hotel/Restaurant/Catering segment of the market. All members of this division do their utmost to offer the best service available to RJC's customers and suppliers in a very restricted working environment. Besides offering a large portfolio of high quality products at fair prices, the company's service level has a reputation of being top-notch. Personal relations are extremely important in a small community like Iceland. RJC's long history and experience in this field of business has ensured its good relations with the State Monopoly, retailers and consumers. Our subdivision of fashionable goods has a separate sales force. 


The support division handles such functions as purchases, customer service, distribution & logistics, financial management, accounting, and information systems. RJC directly imports a wide assortment of wines, beers, and spirits, while imports of tobacco products are in the hands of ATVR, the State Monopoly. ATVR also has a monopoly on all retail sales of alcoholic beverages to the general public. RJC is one of a few key suppliers to the Hotel/Restaurant/Catering segment of the market. Storage and distribution is outsourced to an independent company, specializing in that area.


Rolf Johansen & Company - Skútuvogur 10a - 104 Reykjavík - Tel: +354 595 6700 - Fax: +354 595 6750 - E-mail: rjc@rjc.is